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Meet Your Hosts

The Disobedient Business® Co.

Hi, we’re Pippa & Lucy Parfait

We’re the Disobedient Business® Co team who are helping change-making business owners do things “disobediently”, chuck out the business BS rule book 🙅🏼‍♀️ and *actually* make good money doing it.

Through our Bites Shop, our successful Mastermind and (launching in summer ‘24) Business School, we support you to create integrity-packed strategies that work FOR YOU, effective and achievable plans and people-first systems that turn your raving 🐿 🐿 🐿 into a lovely row of 🦆🦆🦆. We’re both in possession of some spicy brains and have found successful ways to make that work for us and not against us in business.

Meet Your Speakers

Michelle Pontvert

Elastic Planning: Getting Things Done When Your Schedule is Chaos


Michelle is a Life-First Business Educator who loves empowering her fellow low-energy, low-capacity entrepreneurs to businesses that truly fit around your real-life circumstances.

She’s also a neurodivergent, multi-passionate entrepreneur juggling running her business while being a hands-on Mum and living the expat life in Paris, France.

Victoria Boyd

How to Sell your Services in the DMs in a not-weird and non-sleazy way


Victoria Boyd is a marketing strategist and the host of the Strategies that Stack podcast. She’s had her feet in the marketing world since 2012 earning her Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Masters of Science in Internet Marketing along the way.

Since starting her business in 2016, she’s helped dozens of business owners hone their messaging, increase their visibility, generate new leads, and exceed their profit goals so they can truly enjoy the life and businesses they’ve built.

Karen Marie Johnston

Using Your Business For Good & For Everyone


Karen is a multi-award-winning trauma/nervous system-informed coach & supervisor, who works as a social work consultant to UK Charities and statutory sector organisations. She specialises in working with marginalised and under-served communities and has provided care for women in the sex industry for 2 decades.

She organises beautiful retreats & works 1:1 with women in recovery from addiction, disordered eating, trauma and mental health challenges and is obsessed with supporting women in rebuilding a loving relationship with themselves, so that they can move beyond their past and live the lives they truly deserve.

Amber Rose Thomas

The Overwhelm-free Guide To Automating Your Growth With Instagram Ads


Amber Rose is a marketing strategist, and paid ads manager based in Cardiff, UK.

Since launching her boutique ads agency ‘Launch with Amber’ in 2018, she’s managed over $5mil in ad spend while helping coaches, expert service providers, and course creators leverage sales psychology and empathy marketing to find more of their dream clients online.

Willow the dog

Meet Willow, she’s become a bit of a mascot over the last year. We’re going  to be playing a bit of a game involving her so remember this furry face!

Sadie Tichelaar

The Influence Audit

Sadie is on a mission to empower late-diagnosed neurodivergent midlife women to break the spell of conformity and embark on a transformative journey of self-connection, powered by curiosity.

Through a practical magic blend of coaching, shadow work, and project management tools, Sadie guides clients to rediscover, accept and embrace who they are behind the mask with confidence and compassion.

As a late-discovered AuDHDer, Sadie has had her share of “What the actual FUCK?!” moments and is here to share all her tools and resources to support others in the same boat to ride the waves without getting swamped by overwhelm.

She loves cats, chocolate and playing in the woods.

Rachel "Rachilli" Shilcock

Create a Seasonal Action Plan That Aligns With Your Values & Capacity


Rachel, often known as Rachilli, is a brand strategist & coach for creative business owners. Inspired by the energy of nature & the seasons, Rachel’s work is all about helping you to find a rhythm to online business that is aligned the way YOU like to do business and works with your values, energy, and humanity.

A chronically ill & disabled human, Rachel loves to blend a mix of practical action with intuition & learning to listen to your inner wisdom so that you can do business your way.

Siobhan Strode

Why Your Values Matter & How They Shape Everything in Your Biz


Siobhan Strode is the OG Word Witch. She helps founders raise their voice & lead the change. Combining over a decade of classroom teaching with her love of words & campaigning experience to support women in business with their change-making antics is her jam.
During the last 9 years she’s supported 100s of them via courses, workshops, 1:1, and group programmes!

When she’s not at her laptop, she’s raising 3 boys (as feminists) & you’ll either find her at a rally yelling “Fuck the Tories” or stomping on the beach with Strike (their collie!). Her passion is supporting women to use their voices, tell their stories, & generally fuck up the status quo.

Sarah Shoop

The Missing Link: Ensuring Success Before They Start Your Course


Are your courses losing momentum? Craving more glowing testimonials to supercharge your marketing? Wondering why your awesome ideas aren’t hitting the mark? Look no further! Sarah Shoop, a seasoned course designer with over 20 years of teaching experience, is your secret weapon to bring your vision to life. She simplifies complex concepts, ensuring your content captivates learners.

Working together, you’ll create engaging content that hooks your learners from start to finish and keeps them coming back for more. With her deep understanding of learning theories, you can trust that you’ll give your learners an unforgettable experience.

Willow could be hiding anywhere…maybe behind illustrations like this…

Chris McDowell

SEO You Can Do in 20-ish Minutes


Chris is a dedicated SEO specialist providing expert services to small businesses and solopreneurs, helping them achieve higher visibility in search results. Offering big agency SEO services at a fraction of the cost, Chris leverages innovative approaches and advanced software to deliver exceptional results.

Based in Bristol but proudly Welsh, Chris combines local expertise with cutting-edge techniques to ensure clients’ websites perform at their best. With a passion for helping businesses grow, Chris is committed to delivering personalised, effective SEO strategies that drive success and maximize online presence.

Lisa Porto

Creating Your Self-Care Toolkit


Lisa is an IAPC&M accredited coach and business consultant who helps entrepreneurs with chronic conditions grow successful businesses through a magical blend of mindset, energetics, strategy & tech using her R.E.S.T. Framework. Lisa has been an entrepreneur since 2019, setting up her business to work around her own chronic health conditions – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and Fibromyalgia, and is passionate about supporting others to do the same. Lisa’s overall mission is to empower others with chronic illnesses, and in fact her two team members also have chronic illnesses.

Sandra De Freitas

Creating a “Fill Your Funnel” Membership That Works Alongside Your 9-5


Sandra De Freitas has been creating, developing, and consulting on memberships since 2005! (That’s not a typo and yes she was just 8 years old when she started 😉 haha!)

She has been coaching and mentoring clients on how to build, market, and grow their memberships for just about 20 YEARS!! Her clients call her a unicorn because of her specialized mix of marketing, tech & coaching.

They also call her the “Launch Mom”, because she’s the go-to person when you don’t know what to do…she’s the one who makes sure you have a plan, work the plan, and stick to the plan!

Lucille Roache

Exploring 3 Non-Typical Ways to Understand & Attract Your Ideal Client


Lucille Roache is a Business coach, author and trainer.

She helps new and growing service-based business owners to identify and attract the right clients, create attractive offers and chose the right strategy to market those offers.

Let’s get those ducks in a row!

Laura Leigh Chapman

Strategy Not Stress: Top 10 tips to simple, easeful, fun communication


Branded the “Comms Legend” by her clients, Laura is a communications strategist, mentor and trainer. She helps creative folk and organisations clearly and confidently communicate to create awesome connection. The kind of connection that helps make a real difference for their right fit folk and achieve the big ambitions they have for their work.

Laura’s background and experience means she is in a unique position to combine communication and creativity. Laura is working to change the way we think, feel and talk about communication, messaging and brand. Her big dream is for this to help change how we connect with ourselves and others.

Erin Perkins

Building Accessibility Into Your Business From Day One


Erin Perkins is deafblind, but you might not notice at first glance. She relies on a hearing aid and cochlear implant for hearing, without which she’s profoundly deaf. Her vision is limited to 50 degrees, so if she doesn’t wave back when you do, it’s likely she didn’t see or hear you.

Working with independent business owners, coaches, and mentors opened her eyes to the widespread lack of accessibility awareness. This led her to focus on accessibility education. Erin is passionate about teaching businesses to be more accessible, using her personal experiences to promote true inclusion at every level. Her mission is to make the world more accessible, one business at a time.

Brittany Tam

Screw Mindset: Get Your Goals without the ‘Perfect’ Mindset


Brittany loves helping business owners find financial stability without sacrificing the things they love.

She specialises in helping business owners who are generating great revenue but still have periods where they struggle to pay the bills. Together, they get out of emergency cash flow situations, then dive into the practical, emotional and mental strategies needed to get out of survival mode, for good.


Creating a Simple One-Page Website for Your Service-Based Business


Etinosa is a website designer who creates strategic, UX-focused and stunning websites for online entrepreneurs that showcase their expertise in the best way and convert. When she’s not sketching wireframes or building websites, you can find her reading a book or watching videos of people cooking foods she’d probably never make.


Deepen Your Audience Connection Through Your Rising Sign


Neets is a business astrologer who loves helping entrepreneurs like you discover the innate gifts and strengths found inside your astrological chart. She cares deeply about the personal and professional growth of business owners, and believes that understanding the unique energy of your brand can make running business feel more authentic and intuitive.

Neets offers signature timing services designed to encourage you to work with the natural rhythms and cycles of your business, rather than against them.

Mary Chhea

Retain + upsell your first dream clients!


Mary Chhea is a #FangirlForHire who helps talented, client-centric service providers connect with customers, collaborators and co-conspirators on social media without draining their energy. She believes that social media marketing should be fun, profitable + energy-efficient for even the most introverted, awkward or just plain too-busy service providers.

As a full-service content stylist, Mary specializes in customizing and implementing a social media strategy that centers her client’s gifts, energy + preferences to work in harmony with their voice, messaging, offers + goals.

De'Nicea Hilton Harper

Your Authentic Leadership Style: Using the Messages of the Whole Body


For those on a hunt to Lead Authentically in ALL areas of their life, you’ll see that the pathway is a lot closer than you think…within your own Whole Body Self! De’Nicea Hilton Harper, Holistic Authentic Leadership Consultant, witnesses the confidence that shines when people are able to identify and create the Environments that support them in Being who they are.

Weaving connections of the way you lead in life and your Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health and a background as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, De’Nicea creates playful experiences sharing strategies and tools for people to Discover (and Be!) their Perfect Authentic Self – while optimizing their Holistic Health.

Jessica Dornieden

The Tech Headstart – Everything You Don’t Need For Sustainable Growth


Jess is a Digital Business Manager and Tech Fairy and has been supporting clients with their tech and systems needs for the last 7 years.

While she loves all things tech and tools, she understands that this isn’t the case for everyone. That’s why she advocates for clients to keep things freaking simple. What you DO NOT DO is just as important as what you DO DO.

Even Mungo thinks this line up looks as good as a meaty stick!

Adrienne Farrow

Guest Panel Speaker


Adrienne Farrow is the Go-To for all things Google Tools (Go-To = Google Tools… get it?). Her mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock the potential of Google tools both to increase their productivity and create profitable digital products.

Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs with small teams come to Adrienne to help them get their Google Workspace organized, set up systems, and create amazing digital products for their business. Adrienne is the founder of the Go-To Membership, the place to go for increasing your productivity and saving time using Google Tools.

Michelle Lee

Guest Panel Speaker


Michelle is all things WordPress with dabbling in Shopify, Kajabi, New Zenler, Showit, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace – you name it, she’s probably tried it or will learn it within an hour. Business automation, processes and simplicity – anything that makes a business run smoother makes her giddy.

And don’t get her started on troubleshooting – rabbit holes are her jam. If you ask her a question and she goes quiet – don’t worry. The wheels are turning in her head and she’s probably cooked up a solution already! She’s a little shy perhaps, but reference a Friend’s quote or websites and you’ll see!

Alex Waggoner

Guest Panel Speaker


Alex is a travel enthusiast and a Tech VA/OBM, with a passion for assisting ambitious creatives and founders in embracing their location independence through efficient project management and operations. With years of experience and a keen eye for detail, she has honed her skills to specialize in creating streamlined systems using the powerful platform ClickUp.

As a verified power user of ClickUp, Alex leverages its features to develop customized solutions that empower founders and business owners to manage their business from anywhere in the world.

Krystal Vernee'

Guest Panel Speaker


Krystal Vernee’ is a serial womenpreneur, author, speaker, business coach and brand strategist. As the CEO of Simply SHE, with over 20 years of experience in the entrepreneurship space, she has always been passionate about empowering women, creating a safe space for them to unapologetically be themselves and providing the support they need to transform their passion into profits.

Krystal encourages others to tap into her zone of genius through her signature coaching program, podcast and tv show: The Brand BuildHER BlueprintTM. She teaches entrepreneurs how to monetize their expertise and create multiple streams of income so that they can build a profitable and sustainable business.

Siobhan Fisher

Guest Panel Speaker


Siobhan arms small business owners with the marketing knowledge and confidence they need to grow their business. She puts two decades worth of marketing experience of working with the likes of M&S, IKEA, Boots, Always/Tampax, Sky, Dove, FedEx, Mazda and Ferrari – into helping independent businesses contend with being the small fish in a big pond. She is driven to make it a fairer fight for small businesses to be seen in the market and will stop at nothing to ensure her clients get a slice of the pie, create a thriving community for their business and earn the income they deserve.

Marie Kenny

Guest Panel Speaker


Marie Kenny is a certified and award-nominated coach for ambitious artists and visionary creative, a family documentary photographer and a musician with over 3 decades of experience in the arts. Marie helps her clients befriend their self-doubt, unearth their creative genius and figure out the business side of art.

Marie is committed to helping spread more art and creativity into the world as she wholeheartedly believes it can drive meaningful change in the world. Holder of a Master of Arts in literary translation and with a background in marketing and advertising, Marie offers a well-rounded approach to support her clients with all facets of their creative and business ventures.

Sarae Pratt

Guest Panel Speaker


Having begun her career as an Engineer, Sarae pivoted into the field of HR. With a postgrad and numerous professional certifications, she has spent ~20 years enabling people to explore and harness their strengths.

Sarae began her first business in 2008 as a Pilates Teacher, alongside full-time work in complex roles in male-dominated industries. Following two burnouts and a hospital stay with a defib, she finally went 100% self-employed in 2020. You’ll often hear her say “Replenish first”.

Today, she supports women (employed and self-employed) to discover their authentic leadership with sustainable energy on their terms, ditching their old self-doubt and exhaustion.

Maddy Shine

In conversation with Maddy Shine – getting visible in your business


Maddy Shine is a small biz business mentor and visibility expert who helps women-owned business legends grow their businesses by becoming more visible. She’s all about community, conversation + connection and has helped thousands of clients get more visible through teaching her online education and community.

She has been described as actual human sunshine – you can even use her GIFs which have been used over 700 million times! Proudly based in southeast London, Maddy is easily spotted by her blue hair and loud laugh. Fun fact: Sandi Toksvig once called her a clever girl, a fact she cherishes daily.

Amanda Perry

In conversation with Amanda Perry - working with your spicy brain


Following an ADHD diagnosis in 2020 at the age of 42, Amanda set about changing the way she did business, to make it work for her brain. She now helps other ADHD founders build they own Brain-First businesses.

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