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Erin Perkins

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The Social Media Accessibility Scorecard. You’ll be able to make small, easy changes you can implement in your social media profiles to enhance accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring your followers, friends, and clients remain closely engaged with you at every stage.

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Erin Perkins is deafblind, but you might not notice at first glance. She relies on a hearing aid and cochlear implant for hearing, without which she’s profoundly deaf. Her vision is limited to 50 degrees, so if she doesn’t wave back when you do, it’s likely she didn’t see or hear you.

Working with independent business owners, coaches, and mentors opened her eyes to the widespread lack of accessibility awareness. This led her to focus on accessibility education. Erin is passionate about teaching businesses to be more accessible, using her personal experiences to promote true inclusion at every level. Her mission is to make the world more accessible, one business at a time.

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