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Pippa Parfait

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Pippa's Fantastic Freebie!

I don’t have a sexy freebie to share with you cos we hosted a Summit so we figured that was freebie enough 😉. What I DO have is an invitation to pop yourself on the waitlist for the pre-sale of the Disobedient Business® School, where all the the things I talk about in this presentation AND SO MUCH MORE will be taught over the first 3 months and then you will be supported for 12 months in total, to get well on your way to a sustainably successful business! I can’t tell you how awesome this programme is going to be 🎉!


Founder of the Disobedient Business® Co, Pippa is The OG Disobedient Business® Coach & Mentor who’s going to help you figure your shit out “disobediently”, chuck out the business BS rule book 🙅🏼‍♀️ and *actually* create an amazing while business doing it!!

Pippa supports rebel business owners to create integrity-packed business strategies that work FOR YOU, with effective and achievable plans, that don’t require you to sell your soul. She believes that you don’t have to choose between your integrity OR achieving your success, it can 💯 be your integrity and your success!

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