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24 th – 27 th June

4 FREE days of strategies and support for new and newish service-based business owners from legit legends! Go from startup to sustainable (without burning out) One Super Easily Implementable Strategy at a time.

Watch the video below to find out how this FREE event will help you build your sustainable business!

Building a new service-based business takes a whole lot more than buying that website URL, signing up for allll those apps and opening the doors - the “build it and they will come” stuff you’ve been sold is sadly bullshit (tumbleweed and crickets anyone?)

We’re damn-sure you’re doing a lot of great things. You’re…

  • Showing up on social media
  • Figuring out what you do and who you serve
  • Trying to get a website together to share your services
  • Grabbing all the tech to try to help you
  • Dedicating a TON of time (that you’re short on) to a TON of things (that you didn’t even know you needed to do)



It never feels like enough.
The needle isn’t moving.
You’re overwhelmed.
And over it.

And that’s not the way you want to feel about this bloody exciting new adventure you’ve taken yourself on.

Maybe right now you’re….

Already totally overwhelmed with too many free downloads, too many new apps, too many platforms, too many to do list and not enough time – aaarrrgghhhhh!

Fed up with being told that X person has THE answer, only to find another paywall, another crap but expensive resource and yet another “guru” trying to sell your their “5 steps to success”

Desperate for someone to see you as an Actual Human and help you to build YOUR business and not just a replica of theirs (just cos it worked for them doesn’t mean it will for you!)

Craving a bit of structure, a bit of direction and above all, you want to stop spinning All The Plates and take action that counts and moves you that little bit closer to sustainable success

There is definitely a better way! 

You dream of finding a way to create that successful and sustainable business that works with your life and doesn’t burn you out in the meantime! But at the moment, it’s just Fucking Hard 🫠

How would it feel to…

  • Ditch all the freebies, workshops and all that stuff that’s gathering dust in your inbox and choose from a handful of Super Easily Implementable Strategies one at a time and Take Action?
  • Land that next (or even first) client?
  • Find ways to build your business that takes care of your number one asset (psst that’s YOU!)?
  • Finally figure out what tech you actually need in your business and stop signing up for All The Things – app fatigue is real!?
  • Find ways to sell that don’t make you want to instantly lose your lunch – ditch the ick and find ways that feel GOOD?
  • Build and grow a business that matters beyond the dollars and pounds while also taking care of you and yours?

This is exactly what we’ve got for you at Disobedient Business® LIVE: The Newbie Palooza 🤩!

During DB® LIVE you’ll learn how to build a sustainable and successful business you love!

Join us for DB® LIVE, to learn from 31 online service-based business legends, how to build a sustainable and successful business you love – without burning out – one Super Easily Implementable Strategy at a Time 🔥🔥.

Pippa, Lucy & Willow the dog

Meet Your Hosts

Hi, we’re Pippa & Lucy Parfait,

We’re the Disobedient Business® Co team who are helping change-making business owners do things “disobediently”, chuck out the business BS rule book 🙅🏼‍♀️ and *actually* make good money doing it.

Through our Bites Shop, our successful Mastermind and (launching in summer ‘24) Business School, we support you to create integrity-packed strategies that work FOR YOU, effective and achievable plans and people-first systems that turn your raving 🐿 🐿 🐿 into a lovely row of 🦆🦆🦆. We’re both in possession of some spicy brains and have found successful ways to make that work for us and not against us in business

What to expect at DB® LIVE


When & Where

Disobedient Business® LIVE: The Newbie Palooza will run from 24th to 27th June, with a variety of presentations to choose from each day. The event is 100% online, so you’ll be able to attend from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


Legit Legends

Watch presentations from our lineup of 31 legit legends with trainings on everything from planning to posting, websites to wellness and selling to SEO. Your free ticket includes 72-hour access to each presentation during the week of the summit.


Private Community

Join our private Facebook community and connect with other new and newish service-based biz owners like you, who are working on creating a sustainable business they love! This is also where you can connect with the speakers and hosts!


Win Prizes

Show up and participate in the community and play Where’s Willow Bingo for chances to win prizes throughout the summit! Keep an eye out for your Bingo card and come hang out with us in the Facebook community for chances to win big.


Upgrade For More

Sometimes more is definitely MORE! After registering, you’ll have the chance to upgrade to the Total Insider Ticket which includes early and 12 months of access to the presentations, an invitation to attend the daily live “Ask Me Anything” guest speaker panels at 7pm (UK), an “on the go” private podcast feed of all the recordings and an invite to our Get It Done week 1st-5th July, to get accountability and support to take action on a few of those Super Easily Implementable Strategies. You’ll get all the details after grabbing your free ticket! 

We’re not like all the others

(but then we would say that wouldn’t we 😉)

You don’t need another workshop, another freebie to consign to the dark depths of your inbox never to see the light of day again! You don’t need another online “guru” to tell you to JFDI (whatever “IT” actually is), which is usually some blueprint or other that means you have to do what you’re told and feels pretty ick and when it doesn’t work, it’s YOUR fault!).

Good news! That is NOT what you’re going to find at our event.

DB® LIVE was specifically created for new and newish service-based business owners like you who

  • Give a shit about more than just “making bank” and are all about building a “People First” business where the “how”, “who” and “why” matters as much if not more than the “how much” 🤩
  • Stepped into this being a business owner malarkey in the last twelve months and are thoroughly overwhelmed by the hugeness of the whole thing – There’s. Just. Too. Much. To. Do 🤯
  • Likely have other stuff going you – ya know a full time job, caring responsibilities, animals to feed, lists to tick, and fitting in All The Things is tough AF 😓
  • Just want to break through that first goal you set yourself – you know, the one where you just wanted “this many clients” or to earn “this much a month” just to show yourself you can do it 💪

Instead of the usual overwhelming “just do this thing that is pretty much impossible and really not that relevant to YOU or caring of you as a HUMAN and you too can make 7-figures” type nonsense, DB® LIVE is about helping you choose from 25+ Super Easily Implementable Strategies one at a time, Get Into Action and actually do something to move that needle towards Successful and Sustainable 🔥🎉.

Meet the Speakers

Check out the incredible lineup of legit legends from the service-based online biz world you’ll learn from at Disobedient Business® LIVE: The Newbie Palooza!

24th June
Let's Sell It

Monday’s presentations are about all those important actions in your business that lead to actually making sales. From ways to get more visible, crafting clear and values-led messaging and copy and outright direct selling skills, our guest speakers and tonight’s panels will help you sell more effectively in your business.

Mary Chhea
Retain + upsell your first dream clients!

Victoria Boyd
How to Sell your Services in the DMs in a not-weird and non-sleazy way

Amber Rose Thomas
The Overwhelm-free Guide To Automating Your Growth With Instagram Ads

Siobhan Strode
Why Your Values Matter & How They Shape Everything in Your Biz

Laura Leigh Chapman
Strategy Not Stress: Top 10 tips to simple, easeful, fun communication

Maddy Shine
In conversation with Maddy Shine – getting visible in your business

25th June
Let's Shape It

Tuesday’s presentations take us through some of the ways in which you shape your business and your offerings in these early days. From understanding your audience and what they’re looking for to creating a low cost membership that runs alongside your day job and even how we can use our businesses for good.

Deepen Your Audience Connection Through Your Rising Sign

Lucille Roache
Exploring 3 Non-Typical Ways to Understand & Attract Your Ideal Client

Sarah Shoop
The Missing Link: Ensuring Success Before They Start Your Course

Sandra De Freitas
Creating a “Fill Your Funnel” Membership That Works Alongside Your 9-5

Karen Marie Johnston
Using Your Business For Good & For Everyone

Pippa Parfait
Build Your No BS Bare Bones Business First!

26th June
Let's Do It

Wednesday is likely to divide “the room”, live it or hate it, it’s systems, tech and ops day. From the what, where and how of the apps and systems you might need, to ways to plan, from creating a simple website to working on simple SEO from day one and from building accessibility into your business to mapping out your client journey.

Etinosa Uwadiae
Creating a Simple One-Page Website for Your Service-Based Business

Chris McDowell
SEO You Can Do in 20-ish Minutes

Erin Perkins
Building Accessibility Into Your Business From Day One

Jessica Dornieden
The Tech Headstart – Everything You Don’t Need For Sustainable Growth

Rachel Shillcock
Create a Seasonal Action Plan That Aligns With Your Values & Capacity

Lucy Parfait
Customer Cartography: Mapping Your Way to Happy Clients

27th June
It's About You

Thursday is arguably the most important day and most often the one that’s overlooked! Your new business is all about you! Without you, it just doesn’t work. From your self-belief and mindset wobbles, becoming the leader you truly are to taking care of your needs and being intentional about those outside influences.

De’Nicea Hilton Harper
Your Authentic Leadership Style: Using the Messages of the Whole Body

Brittany Tam
Screw Mindset: Get Your Goals without the ‘Perfect’ Mindset

Michelle Pontvert Headshot

Michelle Pontvert
Elastic Planning: Getting Things Done When Your Schedule is Chaos

Sadie Tichelaar
The Influence Audit

Lisa Porto
Creating Your Self-Care Toolkit

Amanda Perry
In conversation with Amanda Perry – working with your spicy brain

As you can see from these amazing value-packed presentations, it’s an event you do not want to miss. Grab your free ticket below and join us for Disobedient Business® LIVE: The Newbie Palooza! We can’t wait to meet you 🤩


Screenshot or written testimonials go here in 1 or 2 columns.

Screenshot or written testimonials go here in 1 or 2 columns.

Enough is enough, it’s time for you to make progress in the direction of Successful and Sustainable!

It’s time to stop spinning in circles, doing All The Thinking and All The Planning and none of the things that actually move you closer to finally building that sustainable business you dreamed of when you started this new business journey malarkey.

Grab your free ticket by clicking the link below and join us for Disobedient Business® LIVE: The Newbie Palooza this summer 🤩!

Have questions? We've got answers!

If you started your shiny new service-based business in the last 12 months and have yet to create the kind of success, structure and sustainability that you crave, this event is for you! This isn’t a generic business summit, this is just for you in those heady early (and scary AF) days!

The main portion of the summit runs from 24th to 27th June with a kick off call on Sunday 23rd June. You’ll also be able to join our private Facebook community as soon as you register, so you can join in on the fun right away!

Your free ticket includes 72-hour access to each of the presentations. If you’d like more time, you can always upgrade your ticket to the Total Insider Ticket after registering, which will give you extended access to the presentations along with a whole host of other extras!

To avoid tech glitches, give you the best possible experience, and keep things easy for the speakers, the presentations are pre-recorded and will be released at 10am (UK) each day during the summit. However, the speakers will be hanging out in our private Facebook group with dedicated threads where you can connect with them and ask your questions! There will also be opportunities to join us for extra live events throughout the week.

No. When you register, you’ll be added to the Disobedient Business® Co. email list so we can send you updates for the event and links to each day’s presentations. After the summit is over, you’ll continue to hear from us, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

Each of the speakers will have free resources available that you can access by providing an email address, but the speakers will not get your email address unless you choose to give it to them specifically. That way, you only hear from the people you really love and don’t have to worry about getting added to 30+ email lists that you’re not interested in.

Yes. All presentations have closed captioning, and a transcript is also available for each presentation. Please reach out if there’s anything else at all we can do to ensure you’re able to enjoy this event fully.

If you still have questions, we encourage you to go ahead and sign up. Your questions will likely be answered in your welcome email or you can ask it in the Facebook community, which you’ll be able to join right away after grabbing your free ticket.

However, if you need to ask us a question before registering, feel free to send us an email at


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